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Wes Parks is a commercial food photographer based in the Dallas Metroplex. His creative and visual story telling began during his teenage years, when his father gave him his first camera. It was quite unfortunate that he misloaded the first roll of film and captured nary an image. But Wes was not deterred, and his love of the frozen image was born.

Interestingly, Wes was not a photographer by training. Rather, his undergraduate and graduate education is actually in psychology and he maintains a part-time therapy caseload reserved for interesting and challenging clients. All through school his love of photography never waived and many semesters includes art classes and work on campus newspapers and yearbooks. Portraiture was a natural segue into professional imagery, and certainly remains an aspect of Wes’ business model.

To balance out an active and varied life, Wes has quite a love for food. Cooking it. Eating it. Reading about it. Watching it on television. And now photographing it. The more he enjoyed trying new dishes, the more he wanted to share his exploration with friends and family. And what better way than through mouthwatering pictures. And thus began a food photography journey that led to a small but dedicated commercial following.

What sets Wes apart is his ability to connect with clients to not only understand exactly how they want their food to be presented, but also his energetic spirit and keen focus on maintaining relationships. Guess that therapy training comes in handy in all manner of life! Wes not only captures the deliciousness of the food he enjoys eating, but also the spirit and artistry inherent of talented chefs and food artisans.

In the past three years, his skills have been leveraged by a clientele that includes local restaurants, bakeries, caterers, food bloggers and private chefs. His images have been featured on food-related websites and blogs, menus, and web and print marketing campaigns.